What hours can we bring or collect our pet?

Although we are a 24/7 business, we receive clients daily by appointment between 8am-5pm. If you are collecting after 12pm (mid-day) you will be charged for an additional day.

Can we see photos of our pets?

Absolutely! We post photos daily, except Sundays, to our Facebook page, VIP Vacation Kennels Panama. If you do not use FaceBook let us know and we will send photos to you.

What should I send with my pet?

We require that owners supply sufficient food (in airtight containers) for the duration of their stay and a current vaccination certificate. You are welcome to bring your pet´s bed (we will not be responsible for bedding that is destroyed during their stay), feed bowl (if you prefer, but we have plenty), any snacks (in airtight containers), a favourite toy (keep in mind it may not return!), and a collar and lead.

Will my pet have access to other pets staying at the kennels?

Only with prior permission from the owner, and only if your pet is social and shows no aggression towards others, will guests share play time and walks.

Do guests share accommodations?

Only siblings (pets from one household) can share accommodations and only if agreed at time of reservation. Siblings can be fed separately if you prefer.

Where will you walk my pet?

All guests are walked on our four hectares of securely fenced grounds. At no time will a guest be allowed off the property.

Are you able to collect and return my pet?

Yes, we offer transport everyday, except Sunday and Public Holidays. Times are set depending on the number of pets to be collected or returned.

Do you offer discounts for extended stays?

Yes, depending on the length of stay of required. Please inquire at time of booking.

How often does my pet get outside to play?

Our philosophy is simple, guests eat and sleep in their accommodation and spend the majority of their day playing freely in our securely fenced playgrounds, in our open areas, in our ball pit, in our splash pool, or relaxing in our tv room.

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