About us

Lovers of all animals big and small, we have shared our lives with them. Bringing four dogs to Panama was the easy part, finding a place for them to “vacation” when we had to travel, proved more difficult. Need meets opportunity!

VIP Vacation Kennels opened in December 2010, providing an alternative to the cage kenneling popular in Panama. Providing a safe and enjoyable experience for your pets is the focus of ourselves and our staff. All our staff have extensive experience working with all types and breeds of pets. Pets are our passion!

With over 50,000 square meters of securely fenced, mature gardens VIP is a doggy paradise! There are wide open spaces for group play, private playgrounds for those less social, agility tubes, toy boxes full of toys, a splash pool, and a ball pit with over 5000 balls providing sensory overload! Staff are on premises 24/7 for your peace of mind.

Individual accommodation is an oversized 1.5m x 4.5m with a private sleeping area with a steel-framed off the floor pet bed with soft pillow toppers. A tv room with sofas provides a more “at home” environment. Our philosophy is simple – if you are on vacation – your pets should be too! Our guests eat and sleep in their accommodations and the rest of the time it is all play, play, play! All our guests are excited to return again and again.

We also care for those not in our facilities. We support and volunteer, when able, at Spay Panama. We are dedicated to helping the street dogs and cats of Panama (see our list of worthy organizations that could benefit from your help).

VIP Vacation Kennels