Cancellation Policy

We take a limited number of dogs, and when we reach that limit, we begin to turn away booking requests.

Our business is seasonal. That means that at certain times of the year, there are fewer dogs at our facilities. At other times, such as Christmas, & New Year, Carnivales, Easter, Mes de la Patria, and most three day weekends, we often reach our limit well in advance. We therefore rely on our busy times to carry our business through the times that are not as busy, so that we can continue to provide the experience that our clients have come to rely on, and for which we have become…well ok, we’ll say it: Renowned!

Since we turn away booking requests once we reach our limit, if you cancel last minute we have lost business that we otherwise would have had, and as we said above, we rely on that business.

When we are not fully booked, we schedule our staff dependent upon the number of dogs expected at VIP, as well as how many are coming and going each day. So even when we are not fully booked cancellations affect our daily business.

All this, just to let you know that we have a cancellation policy, and that we stick to it. That policy is as follows:

Our Policy February through November is as follows:

If you cancel a reservation more than 7 days in advance of your dog’s intended arrival, there is no charge. A full refund will be issued.

If you cancel a reservation less than 3 days in advance, we charge a cancellation fee of 50% of what your invoice would have been.

If you cancel a reservation on the day of intended arrival or don’t cancel at all and your dog doesn’t arrive, we charge a cancellation fee of 100% of what your invoice would have been.

Our Policy December and January is as follows:

All reservations for December and January must be changed or cancelled (for a full refund) by December 1st. No refunds will be issued for cancellations or date changes, resulting in less days, after December 1st.

If you return early and your dog’s vacation is shortened, during Peak Times, there is no refund for days un-used. During non-peak times, a credit note will be issued for the un-used days, to be used towards a future vacation. If owner collects/delivers and transport was paid for, a credit note in the amount of the transport will be issued to be used towards a future vacation.

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